Black Ops 2 Killstreaks, Perks, Zombies & More Details

These are rumoured.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s multiplayer has only just been revealed, but we may now know a lot more about the online portion of the game thanks to a tipster over on DualShockers, citing an Activision source.

As well as details on the single-player campaign (you will be able to dive to prone, apparently) and a single fact about Zombies mode (you can turn into a zombie!), the report also mentions what appear to be fairly concise lists of multiplayer Killstreaks and Perks – check them out below, and don’t forget to treat them purely as rumours for now:

Black Ops 2 Killstreaks

UAV – Standard COD killstreak
Care Package – Standard COD kill streak
RC-XD – Same that was in Black Ops 1. Remotely control an RC car with explosives on it.
Microwave Turret – Place this on the on the ground to trap enemies in a wave of microwave energy. If the enemy is in it for too long, they die.
Death Machine – Same killstream from Black Ops 1.
Hellstorm Missile – Same to the Predator missle in MW3, except it can deploy a cluster bomb before impact if the player wishes.
Multiple grenade launcher – A rapid fire grenade launcher.
QR Drone – Control a quadrotor, flying through the map, shooting enemies.

AI Tank – Similar to the assault drone in MW3
Sentry Gun – Your typical COD sentry gun. Can remotely control it.
Orbital VSAT – Similar to the Advanced UAV in MW3, but cannot be shot down, and has the enemies painted on minimap. Their position and directional information is shown in real time.
Single Seeker Drone – Launch a single seeker drone that flies into the air and seeks out the nearest enemy and kills them.
EMP – Same as in MW3
Helicopter gunner – Control a helicopter gunner. Includes feature to move across map when player wishes to change position.
Lodestar – A plane that flies over the map. Player can control it shooting rockets down at the enemies.
Helicopter escort – Have a helicopter that follows you from above, shooting enemy players.
Attack Dogs – Same kill streak from Black Ops 1.
Drone Swarm –The top killstreak. Call in a swam of drones overhead that will seek
out and kill enemies.

Black Ops 2 Perks

Ghost- No information
Fast Hands – Swap weapons faster and throw grenades faster.
Dexterity – Climb obstacles faster
Lightweight – Either run faster, or run longer.. not much info on that.
Flak Jacket – Same as in Black Ops 1.
Tactical mask – Resistant against flash bangs, concussion grenades,
spikes, EMP grenades
Cold blooded
There is no last stand perk in the game.


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  1. Uhhh its fake….. And treyarch said we will never transform in a zombie… All fake info dang how i know it 1: about the you get to be a zombie ****…. And rc-xd… Treyarch dev or som1 else from treyarch idk had said on the forum that rc-xd would be deleted…. 3: qr drone hahahahahaha its called dragonfire in the video and still he calls it wrong

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