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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Revealed

It’s been a while since Activision revealed the single player portion of Black Ops 2 at E32012. Everyone is still anticipating the multiplayer reveal of Black Ops 2, and they thought they had to wait until GameStop Expo 2012 to get their first glimpse into the multiplayer portion of Black Ops 2. Well, fear not, the first multiplayer trailer is online! Enjoy…

Here’s what we see so far:

– Once you spawn, you will be treated to a menu of sorts. It shows you what weapons and equipment you selected.
– Double Attachment returns, and this time, it seems to work a lot quicker than that seen in Modern Warfare 3.
– Assault Drone returns, but is upgraded to futuristic technology. It takes up the entire screen for precision and intensity.
– Riot Shields return and is also upgraded to allow you to use a machine gun for your opponents.
– There seems to be a new KillStreak; A portable solar flare that acts like a flashbang with directions. You can keep your enemies back while you rack up kills with it.
– Obviously, there are new weapons, but the RDS seems to have the most improvements:
+ The RDS is now accompanied by a crosshair, and viewable environment scanner.
+ The environment scanner allows you to see through smoke, as well.
– Tomohawk seems to get a lot of love in Black Ops 2:
+ Tomohawk is upgraded to be more tech-y. And designed futuristically.
+ Tomohawk will allow you to treat it as a flashbang.
– Sniper Rifles seems to get an overhaul in many ways. And there seems to be two different types so far.
– There seems to be a aircraft drone that also acts like a precision airstrike.