Patience for Black Ops 2 Zombies reveal

The GamesStop Expo promised to be such a huge event next month because GTA V was rumored to be showing up, but that rumor was later squashed. However, there’s still plenty to get excited about because we will get to see some Black Ops 2 multiplayer footage. Now while this may be great news Treyarch has been a little quiet when it comes to a zombies reveal and from what we have been hearing, fans patience has started to grow a little thin.

However, we do have to mention that those gamers waiting for more information on Black Ops 2 can feel happy in the knowledge that Treyarch has been sharing far more with their fans than Rockstar has with theirs in regards to more news on Grand Theft Auto V. An interesting article here has suggested that we could see some zombies footage during the GamesStop Expo, and even though you would not expect something so huge during this event the article does remind us that it’s big enough to show off some Black Ops 2 multiplayer footage.

Do you feel that drip-feeding new information keeps you far more interested in an upcoming title rather than a deluge of details? We do find it funny how some fans of this franchise complain about the lack of new details for Black Ops 2 when the likes of GTA 5 has had just one trailer and two screenshots from Rockstar.

Treyarch has hinted that the Zombie mode for Black Ops 2 will be the most ambitious and biggest yet thanks to improvements to the games engine, so you can expect to battle with many more zombies than you have had to cope with in the past – just hope you are up to the challenge?

In the past Zombie mode was pretty basic in form, but we’re told that it will be far more complex with Black Ops 2 as you will soon be able to perform various objectives, along with partaking in wager matches as well. Treyarch has had to come up with more imaginative ways to make zombies more interesting and tougher because the main part of the game is set in the future. You may wonder what this has to do with the Zombie mode, well you have to remember that you will have far more sophisticated and powerful weapons than in the previous game from the series.

There’s not long to wait for the release of the game, but before that we’re certain that Treyarch will treat us to some more spoilers along the way.

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