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Borderlands 2 is rockin’ it this fall

Gearbox Software has been developing high quality games for a decade now. They successfully ported Half Life to other consoles, created expansions to Half Life. They continued to create quality games like Counter-Strike, and most famously, Half-Life 2. In 2009, Gearbox Software released their new Intellectual Property called Borderlands, and has gone to become one of the best selling First Person Shooters that year. Borderlands is a cell-shaded FPS game that has some role playing game elements. These elements ranges from weapons drop are actually random drops, therefore, making Borderlands a loot-a-lot type of game. Borderlands also allowed you to gain experience points for each kill or action or mission or critical point in the game.

Borderlands takes place in a sci-fi world, where you are on an alien planet called “Pandora.” In this particular planet has aliens, creatures, maniac humans with futuristic weapons, armor, gear, clothes, and masks. The planet also has large amount of alien technology, which these bandits scavenge them for a profit. Each terrain feature settlements, which means each area of the game has a mayor, a boss, if you will.

Borderlands 2 takes place 5 years after the events of the first game. Handsome Jack, the series’ villian took over control of the planet’s main corporation, and wants the company to take over as the sole owner of that very planet. He wants to industrialize the planet.

Without further ado, Borderlands 2!

Borderlands 2 arrives on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this September. Ah, Fall is looking like an action-packed season now.