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All you need to know about Call of Duty Elite

We have come a long way since Call of Duty Elite was revealed to the public. The Call of Duty community has been confused by Call of Duty Elite until the reveal, to ease this confusion, Beachhead Studio talked about their inspirations behind CODElite in three different videos that you’ll see below.

Call of Duty Elite’s marketing slogan is “Play together better.” And likewise, “Connect. Compete. Improve.” is Activision’s Call of Duty Elite message. As such, they’ve outlined it all. See for yourself…

Call of Duty Elite – Connect: Connect with your fellow Call of Duty players. CODElite started in beta phase with Black Ops, so when the platform goes live in 4 days, the service will support Black Ops, and MW3. That’s over 20 million gamers combined. CODElite’s integration with facebook will open the market to 800 million users worldwide.

Call of Duty Elite in a nutshell is a social network for gamers. Allowing you, the player to connect with other like-minded players. You can also create, and find like-minded clans.

Call of Duty Elite – Compete: You can compete with your friends, your clan members, like-minded clans, and rival clans. You can compare your stats with your friends, and compete for fun. Get better with each day you play COD games.

Call of Duty Elite – Improve: Call of Duty Elite also helps you strategize with your friends and clan members by answering these crucial questions:

Where is the hottest places to do battle?

Which weapon is my most proficient weapon?

What can I do to get better at Call of Duty?

…And more…

With Call of Duty Elite, you can integrate your facebook account with your COD Elite account. You can log-in to Facebook through the MW3 screen. The integration goes further than just logging in and connecting your FB account to your CODElite account. You can also see who’s who on CODElite and Facebook right next to each other. The platform also shares your CODElite info straight to your FB account, so you can tell your friends you want to party up.

Just an FYI: The PC version of Call of Duty Elite has been delayed due to security concerns that may be plaguing the PC version of CODElite. To learn more about Call of Duty Elite, click here.

Stay Tuned as we get closer and closer to Modern Warfare 3 world-wide launch on November 8th, 2011! That’s 4 days away!