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128 Players = Not overkill

Electronic Arts is one of the world’s largest video game publishers next to Activision. Right now, EA is taking aim at Activision’s Call of Duty with Battlefield 3. [Read all about it here] EA has been home to some high quality games. From Road Rash, to Medal of Honor, to Mirror’s Edge, Electronic Arts has been around the block for some time.

I had some hands-on time with the Battlefield 3 Open Beta for PS3, so when I saw this article, the first thing that came out of my mouth is “That looks a lot more fun than having 32 players capped.” I am used to Call of Duty’s “find enemy x and kill” so this video here:

Makes the console versions pale in comparison to the PC version since 32 players is the maximum they’re willing to go with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of BF3. Playing on Operation Metro with 24 other players in the beta was in a word: Boring. Like I said in the hands-on article, you spend more time walking or running from A to B.

On youtube, everyone’s complaining about the maximum number of players in BF3. One would argue that they can’t fit 128 players in a map like Operation Metro. Others argue that the maps would have to be smaller in order to fill the 32/64 player lobby. Others brought up MAG, an FPS title that can hold 256 players in a lobby, the maps were large, but it was hectic. The problem with MAG, for me was the controls, it’s not exactly… responsive as Call of Duty. In order to deal with a hectic gameplay such as MAG, you need to be able to move fast, and think on your feet. MAG’s controls did not allow for such gameplay.

BF3 doesn’t either, but it wasn’t designed to be a copycat of Call of Duty. It was designed to take aim at Call of Duty in the marketing sense of the word, but not much else. Multiplayer is vastly different, but it also is realistic enough to please military personnel.

So, back to my original point of this article: 128 players isn’t overkill. Actually, it’s the perfect number of players for Battlefield 3, since after all, Operation Metro feels like 2 large maps in a single multiplayer map. I feel bored by BF3’s 24 players in the beta. Yawn. Maybe I should go pretend I am flying:

Excuse me, while I tuck into my bed today… I’m sleepy.

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