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SF x Tekken gets some tease videos

Street Fighter x Tekken is longs way off from being released. Capcom was at a brazil event recently, and they teased 3 different trailers

The first video shows a foot in some kind of saddle, a person’s red clothing, possibly crossing arms, and a person’s arm in bare. Then the trailer switches to shards of pieces: A person’s ninja hand, possibly a woman, next up is a person’s back with his/her hair flapping, and last, not the least is a person’s chest, possibly a woman. Then the trailer gathers the shards into a single image.

In the next trailer, a trend continues. This time, it starts out with a fighter’s fist, then we have what looks like a background in a japanese location, with a black arm being swung, and lastly, a person’s bare arm, with a scar. Once again, trailer switches to a bunch of shards: First is what looks like someone’s laying their legs on grass, now we have a person’s bare back with long hair being flapped, and then the last one shows some kind of wrestling suit on a muscular bionic leg. I have no idea what it is. But I know it’s a wrestling attire.

The last video is a little harder. As usual, the trailer starts out in a disappearing craft: First one shows a person’s arm, but with some kind of cloth, next up is a character’s stomach with ropes wrapped around his waist, and then a portrait of a person’s lips. A little too much, Capcom!

Anyhow, these shards show up again: A wrestling boot, next up is a rolled up sleeve of a fighter, and then the last one is showing what looks like a monk’s hood, with an old looking beard.

What could they be? Who could they be? We’ll know soon enough!