MW3 Single Player Trailer released!

Call of Duty MW3 Gameplay
Call of Duty MW3 Gameplay

Last night, Activision teased that a Modern Warfare 3 Single Player trailer is going to be released. Well, today, they did, in fact release it; The trailer is called “Redemption.” The trailer shows a lot of action-packed madness and gives a glimpse of sniping Makarov! If that’s not redemption, then I don’t know what is!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the Modern Warfare 3 Single Player trailer!

You’re also going to reunite with Captain Price! Whassup, man!?

Modern Warfare 3 is slated to be released on November 8th, 2011! It’s getting close, ladies and gentlemen!

By Carlos Morales

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