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Welcome to Street Fighter Vs Tekken!

Welcome to the world’s first Street Fighter X Tekken blog dedicated soley to delivering content about the ultimate battle of the titans. Street Fighter Cross Tekken in an unlikely crossover battle of the titans. Two fighting game icons clash over who’s supreme and who’s vicious!

The reason why I, Carlos Morales, the entrepreneur extraordinaire has chosen the name SF vs Tekken over any other like-minded Street Fighter X Tekken domain is that it is the early working title for SF x Tekken. On top of that, SF vs Tekken makes more sense since I have another Vs website called Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Forum.

I’m a writer, so quality will be a prominent feature to this website. So you won’t have to worry about quality around here, at all. I will be bringing you all the latest announcements, the latest SF X Tekken news as it comes.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you’ll stick around!

By the way, I also own and it will redirect here.