COD7 Double XP starts July 1st

As I reported before, Double XP weekend begins on Friday, July 1st, but Josh Olin, the Treyarch Community Manager posted a tweet detailing this coming friday’s Double XP weekend.

He said that the event runs from this friday morning July 1st, to the coming monday July 5th. Although, usually they celebrate Double XP weekend on the wake of a new Map Pack, such as the recently released Annihilation, this particular Double XP is special because it’s Fourth of July on Sunday. So, to celebrate freedom of America all over United States, go rank up!

You can start racking up your XP with this particular Double XP weekend at 10am PST/1pm EST this friday, and it ends at the same exact time on monday morning. On top of that, the Double XP weekend is also open across all three game consoles; Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Have fun!

By Carlos Morales

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