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MW3 MythBusters

There’s a lot of information being mis-used over the last few weeks. Everyone is spreading mis-information, and rumors. These rumors have been rampant for a least a year or more. So, I’ve been collecting information for some time.

Yo! Modern Warfare 3 is going to have vehicles!
In the reveal world premiere trailer, vehicles are shown to be moving through terrain. A lot of people, myself included thought the game will allow you to drive a tank. But most of them thought the vehicles will be in multiplayer, too. Robert Bowling said most of the footage were from Single Player. He also denied vehicles being in multiplayer, as well. [source]

Man, did you know that the reason why the Xbox 360 version of COD is better? Because Infinity Ward loves being in bed with Microsoft!
Ah, fanboy wars. Well, Microsoft and Activision have been in bed for quite some time. Activision has been Microsoft’s biggest suppoirter via commercials and exclusive content. The trend continues with Modern Warfare 3, because its on Hulu and at the end you will see the Xbox 360 advert. For the longest time, Xbox 360 has been the lead development for most COD games, most notable of them would be starting from COD4 to World at War to Modern Warfare 2. But, on the flip coin Black Ops didn’t really have a lead platform, it was developed between two different teams to handle each version. However, many gamers say that the PS3 version of Black Ops is inferior to the Xbox 360 version. Robert Bowling said that there is no lead platform, both versions will be identical, the PC version is the one with “advantage.” [source]

Did you know that we’re only going to fight in London and Manhattan? Its distasteful!
Okay, people like you are the reason, why back in 2001, a scene was removed from MGS2 depicting a crash into Statue of Liberty. Now we have an epic-less ending. A genius must find it cool to call MW3 “distasteful” because of the inclusion of London. [source] Hold on for a second here, about 10 to 20 percent of the games released thus far has been in London, and you picked Modern Warfare 3 to be angry about? Okay. Moving on. In an interview, Robert Bowling said the game’s story will have a huge role, but you won’t just be battling in London or New York, you will also be fighting across England. [source]

Dude, they’re just going to make Modern Warfare 3 shiner! Its probably going to be on a new engine to compete with Battlefield 3.
In the beginning, everyone were saying that Infinity Ward needs to make a new engine from the ground up. But Robert responded on twitter that it would be counter productive. Robert have been very adamant that the engine is based on an pre-existing engine. There were more rumblings about the engine, and so a user asked if the engine is new or not, Robert responded saying that the engine goes one step above. Some people assumed it would be a new engine others thought he was lying that the engine hasn’t moved past the quake engine. MW3’s engine is built on the IW4 engine, which is a modified Quake engine. Its gone above: IW5. [article]

Call of Duty Elite will be hacked to shreds. I mean, look at MW2, and World at War. I don’t even want to mention COD4, that’s an awesome game that doesn’t deserve the talents of these hackers.
In recent months, Infinity Ward has been patching COD4 and MW2. But you do have real pressing concerns, because PlayStation has recently been hacked. It was a historic event that has sent shockwaves throughout the world. However, Chacko Sonny, a staff member at Beachhead Studios said that they hired a dedicated staff specifically designed for CODElite’s security. [source] The price is on premium security. [source] Because according to the article, the service will kill cheaters, and the community that infested cheating on Call of Duty. Two birds with one stone, if you will.

Modern Warfare 3 has the shortest development time of any COD game to date.
This is wrong according to an interview with Mr. Bowling. MW3 started development a short time before Modern Warfare 2 was released to retail, that’s roughly two years. [source]

Meh. Halo Waypoint is better than Call of Duty Elite because is nothing but content, stats, and stupid stuff nobody cares about. Halo Waypoint is free for the same digital content.
Ah. Fanboys again. CODElite is free to everyone, but some stuff such as in-game weapons, equipment, and items – has a price tag on them. Activision is not only open to traditional map packs for Elite, but also exclusive stuff only available in Elite. [source]

Did you know that Activision is going to charge just for playing multiplayer in MW3?
Ya know, this is the most popular speculation there is surrounding MW3. A lot of people thinks that just because CODElite is a subscription model, that MW3’s multiplayer is “pay to play.” This started when Bobby Kotick said that he wants to monetize Call of Duty because of how much time players spend in the game(s). [source] Everyone assumed that because Kotick wanted to exploit the market, everyone thought the new COD games will be pay to play. But time and time again, both Treyarch and Infinity Ward have been denying “pay to play” for multiplayer. And someone high up even stepped up to the plate to put the rumor to rest. Jamie Berger, the Vice President of digital said that gamers won’t have to pay for access to multiplayer. [source]

Did you know you could use Call of Duty Elite for Black Ops?
Actually, yeah. To test the market, CODElite will debut as beta during the summer, no date has been given. But the beta is only to receive testing results, and feedback from the general Call of Duty market. [source] To join the Call of Duty Elite beta this summer, you’ll have to sign up here.

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  • June 2, 2011
COD series died on COD 4.
    That's like saying Metroid died with Other M. It's just not true.