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Call of Duty Elite confirmed.

I wrote an article investigating what exactly is Beachhead is doing; Is Call of Duty Elite an digital delivery service? In a word; affirmative. Its confirmed. However, the idea goes far beyond what we even imagined it would be. Because the service seems to provide more than just weapons, items, equipment, and possibly map packs; the service seems to deliver content. And when I say content, I mean articles that guides you from noob, to elite.

The service tracks how well you’re playing, and where your best moments are. On top of that, it gives you strategies on where to go, how to use the gun, and so on and on. The possibilities are endless. It gives game guides and expert players a run for their money. You can also compare your overall performance against allies and enemies alike.

There’s a group function that you can start a clan, a team and/or join a group. Your friends, your coworkers, your acquaintances, and whatnot can join this group with you however they like or up to your idea. If that’s not enough for you, there’s a theatre mode that allows you to record and upload your Call of Duty videos, you can edit, and share your video with facebook, twitter, and other sites. What’s more is that you can access any of these Elite features on any mobile device – tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.

And tournament fans are not going to be left out, because the service will have a feature a league of sorts – actual items will be at stake. You will be able to win prizes, however information regarding prizes are unknown. We’ll have to wait and see.

This will cost you a price tag if you want some of the features, and the first game to use the service will be Black Ops, it will be used for Black Ops, MW3, and beyond. Call of Duty Elite will be regularly updated. Stay tuned for more information as Activision unveils full details of Call of Duty Elite in the next 10 hours, as a press embargo is pressed on the members of the games media. However, there’s a leak making rounds on youtube:

If you want an high quality, high definition version, here it is:

Well, see you at 9am or later.