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Welcome to MW3Blog! Our intention is to bring you up-to-date information about anything related to Modern Warfare 3! MW3Blog was founded to become the #1 source of Modern Warfare 3 news. On March 17th, 2011, CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. launched MW3Blog with the intention of giving readers all the hottest and the latest news surrounding Modern Warfare 3.



Today is a big day for entrepreneur extraordinaire Carlos Morales! I embarked on a entrepreneurial journey 3 years ago, but today, I continue that journey by making one of the biggest and one of the riskiest acquisition [that I’ve made] to date. I bought MW3Blog from a friend, and fellow entrepreneur. I am actually the third person to own MW3Blog, and I intend to take the venture to places it has never has been before.

What works out is that I’m very experienced in what I do. I am not just an entrepreneur. I am a writer, so this works out well for a site like MW3Blog because one of my values is content is king, and quality is majesty.




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