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Duke Nukem Forever finally gets release date!

It started as a project headed by series developers 3DRealms. 13 years of development was a result of engine changes, and from there, the title had switched from a simple PC game to a multiplatform title. It would and still is slated to arrive across PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. 3DRealms had to put up with a litigation with its former publisher for Duke Nukem Forever – better known as parent company of the Grand Theft Auto developers, Take-Two. 3DRealms eventually had to close. Take-Two also eventually backed off, and gave the development rights to Gearbox Studios, the developers that created the highly successful Borderlands game that was released across Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in 2009. The original developers behind Duke Nukem Forever leaked a work-in-progress trailer build, but was immediately taken down due to “terms of service” breach.

Warning: Contains content not suitable for kids. Seriously. You’ve been warned!

And here we are, in 2011. Gearbox announced that Duke Nukem Forever is basically finished, and ready to ship. They released a trailer which you see above; and revealed the final, hard-to-believe release date for Duke Nukem Forever. The showdown of @$$whoopin’ begins May 3, 2011! Oh yeah, baby.