New Slim Xbox 360 revealed!

Xbox360 Kinect
Xbox360 Kinect Tease?

It has a few codenames, most notably, Xbox 360+ or Slim Xbox 360. It looks nice, and its shipping as you read this. It has a retail tag of $300. Along with this announcement is that Microsoft has gone ahead and dropped the price of the older models – Arcade will be dropped to $149 from $199, and Elite will be $249 from $299 this week. Yes, the price drops are effective right now.

Here are some of the features of Xbox 360 Slim:

– The Alienware-like design was crafted by the same exact studio that did the various designs of the Alienware line of computers and laptops.
– No more memory cards. Its gone. Your current 360 cards are useless unless you own the old models. The new 360+ has more USB ports on the back, so this means you would need a flash drive to save your Xbox Live profile, gamesaves, and whatnot.
– Its not visible, but there’s a smaller HDD enclosed internally in the system – watch the video above to see where it is. 250GB is the size they’re starting out with the new drive.
– High compatibility with Xbox Kinect.
– Touch sensitive power button and eject button.
– 5 USB slots available – up from 3 that was in the original Xbox 360 models.
– Two HDMI slots – one for video, and the other for sound.
– New power supply port means new power cable.
– Built-in WiFi support means no more need to buy a separate wireless adapters. Perhaps they will release a new adapter, or you can use your current routers to have your 360 communicate with your router’s WiFi – up to Wireless N.