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PlayStation’s Motion Controller Named: Move.

For a almost years now, Microsoft and Sony has been wanting a piece of the Wii market. And in my opinion, Sony wanted it more than Microsoft. Sony included a tilt-sensing feature into their legendary Dual Shock controller. It didn’t make sense when they did add it to the DS3 controller, but I see the point. When they revealed the motion controller was in development, they talked about how players can use the DS3’s with the motion controller, now officially named “Move.” The Six-Axis wasn’t just a feature, it was something Sony implemented it to give developers freedom to give players new experiences – and to work with future products such as “Move.” PlayStation Move integrates with EyeToy for movements. Much like Wii and Natal, Move will need a peripheral in order to function. You may already have EyeToy in your living room, but if you don’t you’ll need to buy it before using PS Move. You can watch the announcement done at Sony’s GDC press conference:

Here’s PlayStation Move’s demostration video:

Sony has revealed some games that will revolve around tailored for PlayStation Move:

Sports Champion

Move Party

Motion Fighters

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, comes the announcement that PlayStation Move support is coming to EyePet. Other pre-existing franchises getting PS Move support are:



Third party companies onboard with PS Move are:

– Koei Tecmo
– Square Enix
– Crave Entertainment
– Sega
– Konami
– UbiSoft
– Bandai Namco Games
– Disney Interactive Studios
– Electronic Arts
– Warner Bros. Games
– Capcom
– Activision

The only third party company with an offcial “Move” support is Electronic Arts, with Tiger Woods 11.

PlayStation Move will have a “sub-Controller” alongside it at launch. It will be bundled with the PlayStation Move, included in various bundles including a PS3 Console Bundle. The peripheral will be available this fall for a staggering price of $100. But if bundled with something else, you can get more value for your buck.

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