New gameplay footage of GOW3!

God of War III Screenshot

There seems to be a lot of steam building up for God of War 3. The hype, and the massive anticipation keeps growing, growing. Everyone keeps talking about God of War non-stop. That’s because a show GameTrailers released has shown some unbelievable footage of the game – many are amazed, left speechless that this game is even possible on current generation of consoles. Everyone keeps asking is this game “real?” Are all the trailers “in-game?” One thing for sure, we’re going to find out in March. GameTrailer’s flagship television show on Spike was released on their website – and I have made it easy for you to access it. Enjoy!

The game ships on March 16th of this year! Sony also released the E32009 demo to the PSN Store, and I had the chance to play it.