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Red Steel 2 combos, finishers, and hidden moves trailers!

Red Steel was a game that launched with Wii, it was supposed to be a revolutionary way to play first person shooter, however, the game bombed due to poor marketing, and poor gameplay execution. Now UbiSoft wants to try again by bringing a game that is not only fun, intuitive, easy to pick up, and innovative all at the same time while delivering unique experiences.

This time around, the game comes with execution kills and combos on top of being the player behind the sword. Enjoy!

That’s just kills and combos. The next video shows off these kills in new ways that no other first person shooters have, you can launch an enemy in the air with your sword, and then you can finish them off by killing them with a shotgun in mid-air. You can accurately execute finishing moves and shoot at enemies with accuracy, thanks to the high use of motionplus. I see that the accuracy is very high when the player goes and swipe all three enemies in consecutive rows. If you’re standing in one area, and your two others are right next to you, you can kill them all with motionplus. Awesome, huh? Well, see for yourself!

The game launches next month for Wii. Are you prepared? I am. I’m going as far as buying it, and then using my cousin’s Wii to play.

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