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Halo Reach World Premiere

I saw this trailer at Spike TV, but I was hesitant to posting it because the Video Game Awards wasn’t very good, or much to talk about there…Just stupid little show that is originally meant to feed the mind of the “hip” culture. The media has its way of doing things, one of them is building a show strictly hosted by celebrities and telling the audience that this game is awesome, and this game is awesome.

Fear not, a Halo: Reach World Premiere trailer was fully unleashed throughout the internet, which you’ll find below:

Respect the score, the music done by Bungie. Its what they do best!

Oh, and finally, the multiplayer beta for Halo: Reach is already with Halo 3: ODST – in stores as you read this. The beta begins quite soon, May 3rd to be exact. And finally, you have a few months before Halo 2 and Xbox Game servers on the old Xbox Live will go offline effective April 15th. So, play the games while you can before it goes out with a bang.

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