New God of War 3 trailer brings chaos!

God of War III Screenshot

Vengeance is upon the gods! In God of War, Kratos is waging a war against the gods for the slavery of his childhood that prompted him to seek vengeance! He’s killed anything and everything, including his own beloved family. He has been looking for forgiveness from the highest order of athena. The breaking point has brought kratos to throw the gauntlet against his father, Zeus! A final confrontation begins next month when God of War 3 arrives on store shelves!

I’m the god of war, and not a damn thing you can do about it!

Until March 16th, enjoy the new trailer titled “Vengeance” I hope you enjoy it, because its looking gorgeous!

If you want more options:

What do you think? Awesome? Gorgeous? Epic? I’m thinkin’ a combination of all of them!