Call Of Duty: Vietnam coming this November?

Generally pretty reliable news source CVG are today reporting that Call of Duty 7: Vietnam (Although probably with a far nicer name) is set to hit stores this November.

I’m not convinced how reliable their source is, there have been plenty of rumours floating around this week mentioning Vietnam, and ties to films like Platoon and Apocalypse Now and at first glance this appears to simply be another one of those. Like i said though, CVG do tend to be pretty reliable in my experience… and they’re certainly well established.

A ‘Senior British Trade Source’ had the following to say:

“It’s going to be November again – just as with World At War and Modern Warfare 2.”

“Activision believes that it can own Christmas 2010, just as it has in the last two years.

“Development is on course – and Treyarch have been told the game must be ready to hit shelves before the gifting season.”

Unsuprisingly Activision declined to comment on the article.