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Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2

Afghan Gameplay:

The famous “Multi-Kill” callout makes its way into Modern Warfare 2. When you kill more than three enemies with a single bullet or a single missile (in this case the predator missile) you get multi-kill. Also notice that some kills has an animation not found in the original Modern Warfare. Money flying out of players?

In this video, there’s another famous callout – “Double-Kill” you need to kill two enemies with a single bullet or missile. The other thing that stood out is “Share Package” in which your teammate saved your care package from the enemy.

Highrise Gameplay:

Nothing to see here, so go ahead and mosey along now, if you’ve seen the video.

The only thing new in here is that the box for planting the bomb is very different from that of the original Modern Warfare.

That’ll be all for today from Gametrailers! If you want to see the rest of the videos – head on over here.

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