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MvsC2 may come, but teaser site seems fake.

There has been a lot of leaks concerning MvsC2 recently, first up was the initial “leak” found by neoGAF user about ESRB listing for the game. There’s even a picture to prove it was real (one that you can see to your right). There’s been a leak of achievements, as well. And a listing that was found by Kombo. The leaks never seem to end, does it?

No, sir. A shopping site ShopTo listed a MvsC2 fightstick, which since has been taken down. Another shopping site called cdwOw had seven different fightsticks listed, and have also been removed. has been spread across the internet already and people are thinking that the site is a teaser site; TheMegaMan Network even states that the site is being loaded from a Capcom Nameserver.

Sorry, folks, but checking (or any domain registrar), the domain is owned by someone named “Kathleen Alley” of Redwood City, CA. And nameservers are pointed to “DOMAINCONTROL.COM” which is entirely different from the Capcom nameservers (I checked). Capcom’s nameservers have “PBI.NET” as their hosting company. However, and are hosted on “WORLDNIC.COM” nameservers. I’m still getting the feeling this may be a hoax. If you want to be consistent, you must follow the trend.

And upon more investigation, Capcom’s Website, Capcom’s GameSites and all have their registrant contact listed as the Capcom HQ:

Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
475 Oakmead Parkway
Sunnyvale, CA 94085-4709 US
408-774-3941 fax: 408-774-3985

I want to point out that, this is Capcom’s old HQ address; they reside in San Mateo, CA. Which is about a few cities away from Redwood City, CA. I live here, so I know.

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