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CryTek acquires Free Radical

Crytek has acquired the business assets of the developers behind TimeSplitters, and the highly hyped PS3 exclusive, Haze,  Free Radical Design.

Their press release is excerpt below:

Crytek GmbH (“Crytek”) announced today that it has acquired all assets and business of Free Radical Design Limited (“Free Radical”). Free Radical is based in Nottingham, United Kingdom and is known for the multi-award winning Timesplitters series. The studio will now be integrated into Crytek’s network.

Avni Yerli, Managing Director of Crytek, said, “We’re very excited about this step to expand Crytek into the UK with such an experienced and highly talented team. Free Radical Design is a great fit to Crytek and its culture, given that Free Radical has a proven track record on delivering high quality games. The combination of this team, the Crytek network and our CryENGINE technology will be a foundation for outstanding gaming experiences and a magnet for the best talent in the UK.”

I hope this means that Crytek has the rights to the TimeSplitters brand, and I also hope that TS4 gets completed under the Crytek umbrella.