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COD4: From Zero to 30k

I begun my journey through COD4 like a champ.

The first prestige seems small compared to the next video….

Before & After #1 – COD4 PS3

The second one is a small update, still in my first prestige…

Before & After #2 – COD4 PS3

The next one is in my second prestige, still growing…

Before & After #3 – COD4 PS3

And now, the equilibrium sees me achieving a few things; 30k kills, some challenges completed that was never completed before. And better stats. I am now into the 4th prestige.

Before & After #4 – COD4 PS3

World At War with CarlosX360

This is DEFINITELY a teaser for bigger things…such as an upcoming COD: World At War Review.