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Double XP & Weapon XP this Weekend for Black Ops 3

This weekend will see another double xp and weapon xp on Black Ops 3. Runs from Friday 1/4 10AM PST – Monday 4/4 10AM PST across all platforms. Need help making weekend plans? We’ve got you covered. 2XP/2xWeapXP goes live […]


Double Weapon XP this Weekend for Black Ops 3

Double Weapon XP is now live for Black Ops 3 on all platforms. Runs from Friday, March 4th 10AM PT until Monday, March 7th at 10AM PT. 2xWeaponXP weekend anyone? Good, because we’re planning one. You might need to amend your […]


Double XP & Weapon XP NOW Live for Black Ops 3

Treyarch are spoiling us this weekend with Double XP and Double Weapon XP which is now live for Black Ops 3. Runs from Friday, February 12th at 10AM PST to Tuesday 10am PST. Tomorrow at 10am/PST, we’ll kick off a 2XP/2xWeapXP #DoubleDouble […]


Double Weapon XP this Weekend (5th – 8th Feb)

Vonderhaar has confirmed that this weekend will be Double Weapon XP for Black Ops 3. Double Weapon XP. https://t.co/MUiZAOk4fp — David Vonderhaar (@DavidVonderhaar) February 3, 2016


Double Weapon XP is LIVE Until November 30th for Black Ops 3

Double Weapon XP is live. Prestige those weapons! Time to work on those diamond camos! 2xWeapXP this weekend, starting Thursday (10am/PST) – Monday (10am/PST). pic.twitter.com/oq38bRnXAQ — Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) November 24, 2015


Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP from July 3rd till July 8th

This holiday weekend, expect 2x WeaponXP, running from Wednesday, July 3 (6pm/PDT) through Monday, July 8 (10am/PDT) on all platforms. — Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) July 2, 2013


First Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP Weekend Event Announced

Revolution + Peacekeeper = Double Weapon XP Along with today’s release of Black Ops 2′s first DLC pack ‘Revolution’ on Xbox 360, Treyarch has updated the message of the day on the system to announce an upcoming weekend event. “Starting on Friday, […]