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Contra Anniversary Collection is out now

After the Konami’s announcement of Contra Anniversary Collection’s games, everyone had one question they ask themselves: When is it coming out? There was no release date. That is, until today, during Nintendo’s Direct presentation. Contra Anniversary Collection is out now. […]


Full Contra Collection of games revealed

After the releases of Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, and Castlevania Anniversary Collection, players were looking forward to learning more about Contra Anniversary Collection. While there is no release date for the game, Konami announced the rest of the Contra […]


Konami releases launch trailers for 2 of its Collections

Konami dropped a bombshell on the gaming industry when they announced not one, not two, but three collections coming this year. Konami announced Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, Castlevania Anniversary Collection, and Contra Anniversary Collection. Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection […]


Konami announces 3 new Collections

Konami has been mum, and quiet about what they’re about to do next. Well, during the Game Developers Conference 2019 event, Konami announced three new collections to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. […]