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Hyper Scape is a Battle Royale game by UbiSoft

Early in the week of June 29, there were a few leaks of a new game by UbiSoft. The name “Hyper Scape” was thrown around, and so, on Thursday, July 2nd, UbiSoft unveiled Hyper Scape. Many journalists were invited to a preview event on June 26th, which made the leaks possible. So, what is Hyper Scape? It’s a First Person Shooter, but with looter mechanics. You are dropped into a 100-player match, and you’re off to battling it out in “Battle Royale” fashion. The difference is the gameplay. It’s more of a team-based game, than an actual “winner take all.”

You are encouraged to loot, and loot as much as possible to win. If you die, no worries, because then, you become a ghost. The looting system is simple, yet complex at the same time. You can only have at least 4 slots for your item inventory – two weapons and two “Hacks.” If you obtain a duplicate weapon or “hack,” your weapon or hack will fuse and become an upgraded item.

If you’d like to learn more about the gameplay, here’s the overview of the gameplay…

Hyper Scape’s Tech Test launched on July 3rd, and is currently underway on PC through July 7th. It’s to be released on July 12th for PC, with PlayStation 4, and Xbox One to follow suit. No word about Next Generation consoles, but it’s been hinted that they’ll come at some point. To learn more about Hyper Scape, here‘s their website. To join the Tech Test, join here.

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