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Half-Life Alyx announced

It has been 12 years since a new Half-Life game was released. The last title in the series was Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Half-Life Alyx takes place between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Valve is calling this game a prequel, but takes place before Half-Life 2, and it should look and act like it.

Geoff Keighley did a “Behind-the-Scenes” style, sort-of documentary, but is actually an interview to help fans understand the logic behind Half-Life Alyx. You can see that video below. Keighley said that they’ll share more about Half-Life Alyx at The Game Awards, of which he is the founder of.

The biggest question on everyone’s minds is “Why is this Half-Life Alyx and not Half-Life 3?” Well, according to one of the devs on the game, during the embedded video below – they wanted to test Alyx out first before going all-in with something like a “Half-Life 3.” They thought it would be counterproductive to create a “Half-Life 3” because of high expectations, it would put too much pressure on the team to deliver a masterpiece. Half-Life Alyx is a learning experience for Valve.

That’s not all, Valve released an announcement trailer for Half-Life Alyx…

Half-Life Alyx will be released for SteamVR in March 2020. The game is available for pre-order, and by pre-purchasing the game, you get a discount – $54. Furthermore, those who own Valve Index VR headset will get the game for free.

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