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Guilty Gear Strive revealed

Arc System Works surprised everyone at EVO 2019 with an announcement that Guilty Gear would be coming. Up until two days ago (November 18th), the new Guilty Gear didn’t have a name, but at Arc System Works’ own tournament series called “ArcEvo.” It’s a world tour that is doubling as a tournament series, and that’s where Guilty Gear Strive was finally revealed. New artwork, new logo, new name, and new styling. Officially, they’re staying true to their naming scheme “Guilty Gear -STRIVE-” but “Guilty Gear Strive” is just as fine. It’s just their naming style, and to be fair, they’ve been doing it since the first games, where subsequent updates were with similar naming schemes. Guilty Gear Xrd for example is “Guilty Gear -Xrd-” Along with the announcement, they also released a new trailer…

No firm release date has been given, but has been said to be released in 2020. A new trailer will be released and a demo will be release on January 17/18, 2020 at Frosty Fausting XII. Another playable demo will be available at EVO Japan 2020, which runs from January 24th, to 26th.