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PlayStation 4 breaks a new milestone

Sony has sold a half-billion PlayStation consoles since the 1994/1995 launch (the original PlayStation launched in Japan on December 3, followed by the September 9, 1995 launch of the system in United States). The last time we heard anything new about PlayStation 4, it was stated that Sony shipped 100 Million units of PS4. Well, it seems as Sony broke another milestone for PS4.

Niko Partners, a company that analyzes data from Video Game companies, and console manufacturers studied the sales of PlayStation 4. A senior analyst at Niko Partners announced on twitter, that United States accounts for 30% of the PlayStation 4 sales at approximately 30 Million units. Japan’s sales sit at 8.3 Million units. Germany’s sales sit at 7.2 Million units. United Kingdom’s sales sit at 6.8 Million units.