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Apple announces release dates for Apple TV+ and other Apple services

In March, Apple announced their streaming services that would come this year. Today, at the annual iPhone event (typically in September), Apple didn’t just announce their latest devices, they also announced when some of its services would arrive. Apple TV+ arrives November 1st, and Apple Arcade arrives pretty soon: September 19th.

Apple TV+ is launching at $4.99 a month. However, if you buy Apple TV, Mac, or iPhone, you get Apple TV+ for a year. If you want to continue the subscription, that’ll be $4.99 after the year is up. Apple Arcade is launching at $4.99 a month, and Apple promises that 150+ games will be available on launch day, and/or in the following months. The service will be available in 150 countries. There is an ability to switch from an iPhone to iPad to Mac or the Apple TV system to pick up from where you left off on the previous device.

Apple will continually add more films, TV shows, sports content, kids content, game content to Apple TV+ and Arcade as time goes on. No word on how periodically the rollout of such content will be – monthly, bi-montly, weekly, bi-weekly, by seasons like network television that we experience today, or when Apple feels like it…? Apple didn’t clarify.

If you want to see the entire iPhone event, here’s the video which was livestreamed…

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