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Infinity Ward lays out the road map for counting down to Modern Warfare launch

We are just about 50 days away from the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. But, before we experience the full game on October 25th, we can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s beta to get the feel for the game. Activision and Infinity Ward recently laid out the roadmap for the countdown to the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare…

Due to the agreement with Sony, PlayStation 4 players will get the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Beta starting September 12th, with other platforms to follow…

Weekend 1 – PlayStation 4 Exclusive:

September 12 to September 13: PS4 Early Access

September 14 to September 16: PS4 Open Beta

Weekend 2: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC on Blizzard

September 19 to September 20: Early Access on Xbox One and PC. Open Beta on PS4

September 21 to September 23: Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One, & PC

You can pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on or participating retailers, or your console platform’s digital store, or on PC, you need to purchase it directly on

To learn more about the Beta, visit the Beta F.A.Q here. Once you’ve pre-ordered the game from a retailer, redeem it here.

In the info blowout about the “Road to Launch” plan, Activision and Infinity Ward not only laid out the plan for the Multiplayer beta, they also announced that they’ll talk about Crossplay details. So far, we know nothing about how Crossplay will work in the final build or the beta build, but in recent speculation & tinkering with the Modern Warfare Alpha we had in late August, Cross Play on Modern Warfare will be based around your friends list. If you’re invited into a lobby, you and your friend(s) will be in the crossplay matchmaking pool. Activision and Infinity Ward alluded to how normal multiplayer matchmaking is going to be like: Solo Console players will be paired with Console players, and the PC players will be paired with other PC players. However, during the Modern Warfare Alpha, players were tinkering with mouse and keyboard on PS4, and players could actually use them without any issue. Players could use mouse and keyboards on PS4 as if they were playing on PC. Nobody knows if this will be fixed or whatever, but it was there in the 2v2 Alpha.

They also announced that they’ll reveal a campaign cutscene, or gameplay video. We literally don’t know what this “Campaign Premiere” will entail, but it’ll be at the end of September. We had hints and rumors that Spec Ops would come to the rebooted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but they confirmed that they’ll unveil Spec Ops on the week of October 7th.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Blizzard’s service on October 25, 2019.