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Here is What to Expect in Feb 2nd Patch for Black Ops 3 – Update


Patch notes (for PS4) have been released –View patch notes.


The patch has been deployed for PS4


Tomorrow will bring a new patch and a long with it the first DLC, Awakening to Black Ops 3.

RdJokr has compiled a list of what to expect with this patch, we will post full patch notes when available in a new article.

Along with this patch which will be for all platforms (except X360/PS3) will also be the Awakening DLC, playable only by PS4 users at first – DLC is being delivered in different ways than in the past, read here for more info.


  • All of the hotfixes released since the December patch (duh)
  • (PS4 only) Exodus map re-enabled in normal rotation
  • Map voting fix: we’re possibly getting the BO2 map voting system back, and there’s supposedly a new way to handle DLC map integration in normal rotation. No more Combine 24/7 for you /s
  • G-slide fix + Freerun leaderboards reset: Ahh yes, the good ol’ G-slide. While nothing is guaranteed about its cousin the F-slide, we can expect G-slide to be gone, and Vahn has confirmed that they’ll reset the leaderboards to make it fair.
  • VMP Overkill bug fixed: just confirmed by /u/MaTtKs recently, this amazingly specific bug is going to be fixed with the patch.
  • Tempest glitch in Uplink: also confirmed by MaTtKs, this bug is basically the Tempest being unable to kill the Drone carrier in Uplink with one shot.
  • New stats-related feature: So, not sure what Vahn could be talking about, but apparently, if you want to prove you’re a legit Master Prestige, you will be able to after this patch. Revamped Combat Record? Who knows…
  • Reaper footstep bug: I think MaTtKs also confirmed this too, but yeah, Reaper will have proper footstep sound again.

Source: RdJokr