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Gumball Machine Perk for ZOMBIES in Black Ops 3 Leak Info

Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil leaked information regarding Gumball Machine Abilities. Leaked from in-game files.



  • Aftertaste (Immediate 3 rounds): You don’t lose any perks when you’re downed but you will still need to be revived.
  • Alchemical Antithesis (Player Activated – 30 Seconds): Every 10 points you get 1 Ammo for your current weapon instead
  • Always Done (Immediate – 3 rounds): You can walk around in ADS faster and ADS in & out faster.
  • Danger Close (Immediate – 3 rounds): Zero explosive damage to you.
  • Dead of Nuclear Winter – (Player Activated – Use 2 times):Spawn a Nuke powerup.
  • Ephemeral Enchancement (Player Activated – Use 2 times, 30 Seconds): Turns current weapon into Pack-a-Punch version.
  • Firing on all Cylinders (Immediate – 3 rounds): Have the ability to fire while sprinting.
  • Immolation Liquidation (Player Activated – Use 3 times): Spawn a “Fire Sale” Powerup.
  • I’m Feeling Lucky (Player Activated – Once): Spawn a random Powerup.
  • In Plain Sight (Player Activated – 1 time): Be ignored by Zombies for 10 seconds (as seen in trailer).
  • Killing Time (Player Activated – 1 time): Zombies will stand still for 20 seconds, If shot they are marked and annihilated after the 20 seconds are up.
  • Kill Joy (Player Activated – 3 Times): Spawn a “Carpenter” Powerup.
  • Lucky Crit (Immediate – 1 round): Additional roll against the percentage chance on the player’s AAT
  • Now You See Me (Player Activated – Once): For 10 seconds all Zombies will target you specifically.
  • One For The Road (Immediate – 10 minutes): Increase normal limit of 4 perks to 5 perks for 10 minutes.
  • One The House (Player Activated – Once): Spawn a free perk Powerup.
  • Perkaholic (Immediate – Until Downed): Get all of the perks in the map.
  • Phoenix Up (Player Activated – Once): Revive everyone and keep all perks.
  • Pop Shock (Player Melee – For Next 5 Melee Attacks): Melee attack does electric arc damage to nearby Zombies, similar to DG-2.
  • Private Eyes (Immediate – 2 Rounds): An icon similar to the grenade icon shows up when any zombie is within 10 feet so they can’t sneak up on you.
  • Respin Cycle (Player Activated – Twice): Makes the magic box respin to a new weapon choice.
  • Stock Option (Immediate – 5 mins): Do not need to reload weapon, ammo is pulled from the stock before the clip.
  • Impatient (Immediate – Lasts until bleedout): Respawn when the last zombie of the round spawns, rather than the start of the next round.
  • Sword Flay (Immediate – 5 mins): x5 Multiplyer on Melee damage.
  • Wall Power (Immediate – Last until next primary wallbuy purchase): Next primary wallbuy weapon purchase provides the weapons Pack-a-Punch version.
  • Who’s keeping the score? (Player Activated – Twice): Spawn a double points Power

Sources: Code Leak via ImgurAli-A