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Black Ops 3 Killstreaks / Scorestreaks


UAV (400) – Reveals enemy locations on the mini-map

HC-XD (425) – R.C. hover capable explosive device, can perform a thrust powered jump and drive on vertical surfaces.

Dart (525) – Pilot and anti-personel drone that’s equipped with missiles capable of locking on enemies and score streaks and can also dive bomb for an explosive blast.

Care Package (550) – Airdrop a random scorestreak

Counter-UAV (600) – Jams enemy reconnaissance by temporarily disabling the enemy mini-map.

Lightning Strike (750) – Brief locating of enemies, choose 3 locations on the map for planes to come in and drop bombs.

Talon (975) – Call in an autonomous or R.C escort attack drone.

Cerberus (1000) – Similar to AGR (Airdrop an autonomous or R.C. Cerberus ground robot that controls for ground targets).

Wraith (1100) – Aerial attack craft with advanced stealth capabilities and a defensive drone (similar to Stealth Chopper).

R.A.P.S (1275) – deploy a ship that drops autonomous robotic anti personnel sentry drones.

Combat Robot (GI-Unit) (1400) – A heavily armoured general infantry unit robot – can be set to guard mode to protect the owner or set to patrol mode to defend a designated location.

Mothership (1500) – Highest scorestreak in the game – Powerful feet all weapons platform with a primary turret for the owner and two secondary turrets for teammates.