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Vonderhaar on ‘Black Ops 2’ Prestige Master Hackers on the PS3

While most people know that there are hacks, glitches and even accounts being sold for Black Ops 2’s Master Prestige, this can’t be more apparent than in the PS3 version of the game.

Even now, booting the game up will almost-always guarantee that you’ll come across a player who’s at Master Prestige with a K/D ratio of more than 3:1. Not saying all of  the people with those stats are hackers and glitchers, but playing against them will easily identify if they’re legit…and from my own experience, I’d say there’s less than 30% of ’em being real.

So, what does Treyarch intend to do with these pretenders? According to game director David “Vahn” Vonderhaar, they are getting their stats and prestige ranks reset!

This was revealed by Vahn himself earlier in the day when a fan asked on Twitter if there’s a chance that people who glitched/hacked their way to Master Prestige will get their accouts resetted.

Here’s Vonderhaar’s short but sweet response:

black ops 2 ps3 prestige master hack
I told you it was short, but then again, does Vahn even need to say more? So for those who hacked and glitched their way to get that Master Prestige status, your days are numbered! — on the PS3 platform, at least.

Unfortunately, Vonderhaar hasn’t commented yet on the “Prestige 12” exploit going around. But if I had to wager a guess, I’d say these people will get their accounts wiped, too.

While we do know the stats will be reverted, we don’t know if there’s a subsequent ban to follow. Hopefully there is, so these cheaters, hackers and glitchers will learn their lesson.

Do you know of any Master Prestige hackers on the PS3? If so, best to warn them that their days are numbered. Would you want these people to have their accounts banned or is the stat reset punishment enough?

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