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Black Ops 2 Lag Compensation – Video Proof

Black Ops 2 lag compensation is a theory that’s been growing louder and louder since the release of Treyarch’s FPS.

And we’ve now got the clearest evidence yet to support the theory.

Lag compensation is the theory explaining why you can sometimes land lots of hit markers on players without killing them, and yet they seemingly kill you in one shot. Then, reviewing the killcam, you see minor differences such as you only fired one shot while your killer was firing several.

We don’t know the technical ins and outs of how netcode works, especially that in Black Ops 2, but it supposedly compensates for those with slower internet connections and grants them the advantage in firefights. This line of thought is becoming so common, we’ve heard of players actually quitting matches when they think they’re the host.

This video below shows what both the player sees and what the server sees:

So what do you reckon, having seen the video and based on your own Black Ops 2 experiences? Is lag compensation an actual thing or just poor players clutching at straws to excuse their poor performance?

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