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Black Ops 2 Nuketown map has secrets

If you thought that Treyarch devoted all of their time to putting easter eggs in the Black Ops 2 zombie mode solely, think again. The cunning developer has also found the time to plant some brilliant easter eggs in the main multiplayer mode as well. We have a video to show you, revealing that the popular Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map houses one big secret for players to find.

Black Ops 2 Nuketown map has secrets

Most of the talk right now is about the fact that Treyarch removed the Nuketown 2025 24/7 playlist, a move which many Black Ops 2 gamers who pre-ordered before release, are not too happy about. Treyarch has attempted to remedy the situation by bringing back Nuketown 2025 in the Chaos Moshpit playlist, but it now is mixed up with several other maps and many of you just want the 24/7 playlist back.

Away from the problems though, start up a private match in Nuketown 2025 by yourself. Treyarch has planted a sneaky little easter egg in the map, where players have to go round the map shooting off the heads of every single mannequin that has been scattered across the map. It should take a few minutes to achieve this, but bear in mind that the location of the mannequins does change each time you enter the map.

Once you have completed this step, walk up to the Nuketown TV monitor, which now displays an old school Activision logo. By pressing the action button, you’ll then be whisked off to the Activision arcade and can proceed to play a selection of Activision’s 8-bit retro games.

It is a very cool easter egg we have to say and if you dare to try this in a live game, other players will even see you holding up a joystick as you’re playing. As far as we’re aware, there are three games available – none of them great, but the arkanoid style one is the most fun we found.

Have you managed to find this easter egg hidden in Nuketown 2025 as well? It is easy to activate, so let us know how you get on. You may also be interested to know that it is not the only easter egg that is found in Black Ops 2 multiplayer – there are many others. Let us know what you have found so far – don’t forget to check out a full zombies walkthrough here if you haven’t already.

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