Crashmo Has Ability To Read QR Data From Downloaded Images

Crashmo, the upcoming sequel to Pushmo, is already looking to be bigger and better than its predecessor. From the gameplay alone, the puzzles are looking to be more complex and the designs even more creative. It also seems that Crashmo will be having a more advanced system in place for QR codes.

In Pushmo, you could share puzzle designs with others through the use of QR codes. By snapping a picture of a QR code with your 3DS camera, you’ll have a new puzzle in your game. It works the same in Crashmo, but you can now also download these QR images and insert them into your game that way.

By accessing the Crashmo Japan site, there’s a QR image of a Crashmo puzzle made by the developers, with new puzzles being added in the future. Going to the website through the 3DS broswer will enable you to download the picture to your SD card. And from that image, you can install the puzzle into your game with no snapping of photos needed.

It doesn’t sound as quick a method as simply taking a picture of a QR code, but I guess it’s nice to have options.

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