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Black Ops 2 Weapon Attachments

Black Ops 2 Weapon Attachments

Just like in previous COD games, the reflex is a squarer version of the red dot sight.

The ACOG is usually used for those engaging in long range encounters. Admittedly, this attachment is often overlooked by players in favor of the red dot or reflex sights. Most popular on sniper rifles because it makes them easier to use in close quarters combat.

Target Finder:
The Target Finder highlights enemy players with red boxes (if they don’t have Cold Blooded equipped).

Hybrid Optic:
Much like the Hybrid Scope found in previous games. Allows you to switch between a close-quarters and medium-range scope.

The Suppressor (sometimes referred to as a silencer) suppresses the sound of your weapon and stops you from showing up on an enemy’s mini-map.

Fast Mag:
The Fast Mag works just like the Dual Mags attachment found in the previous Black Ops game. This allows you to reload twice as fast.

Fore Grip:
The Fore Grip is usually used with LMGs in order to reduce their recoil and increase their accuracy.

Laser Sight:
This allows you to target enemy players with a red laser sight. In the trailer, we saw this being used with a shotgun. Obviously handy for shooting from the hip.

Adjustable Stock:
Slotted onto the end of your weapon. My guess is that it either reduces recoil or allows you to hold your breath on Assault Rifles.

Because Black Ops 2 is trying to move away from perks that affect your weapon, Quickdraw has been added as an attachment. This allows you to aim down your sights twice as fast.

Millimeter Scanner:
The Millimeter Scanner will allow you to see enemy players through surfaces and smoke, IF they are moving. Enemy players are usually outlined by the scanner. This was actuallyshown in the multiplayer trailer.

Grenade Launcher:
The Grenade Launcher (noobtube) will be returning as usual. Although nobody really knows how powerful it will actually be.

Select Fire:
The Select Fire attachment will allow you to switch between full automatic fire and select burst fire. Select Fire is typically good for long range gun battles.

FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) allows your bullets to penetrate surfaces.

Extended Clip
Extended Clip (mags) will give you larger magazines / clips so that you don’t have to reload as often. Advantageous to use when you’re up against multiple enemies.