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Black Ops 2 Perks


Here is the latest Black Ops 2 Perks list. This information has come directly from those who had the chance to play the multiplayer at Gamescom. It is completely legitimate and it is one of the most accurate lists you’ll find online:

Firstly, it’s extremely important to note that that will NOT be any Pro perks in Black Ops 2. Instead, they’ll be going with an new type of class system that allows you fill up 10 out of 20 slots.

Perk Tier One

Flak Jacket
Flak Jacket is a perk that allows the player to receive less damage from explosives such as hand grenades and bouncing bettys. This one appeared in the previous Black Ops game.

Ghost is back, much to everyone’s horror… The good news? It’s not nearly as powerful this time around. Ghost will only make you invisible to UAVs… IF you are MOVING. i.e. if you sit in a corner, Ghost isn’t going to stop you from showing up on the enemy radar. No more stealth camping for you, champ!

Blind Eye
Blind Eye is another one than has appeared before. This will make you invisible to AI-controlled killstreaks. You’ll still be visible to player-controlled killstreaks, if their eyesight is good enough.

Lightweight allows you to take no falling damage. It also allows you to move faster / run quicker. Although, it’s worth noting that Lightweight has only a small effect. You’re much better off using Extreme Conditioning with an SMG or a Shotgun.

These are all starting to sound familiar, huh? Hardline makes it easier for you to get your killstreaks by making every killstreak achievable with one less kill.

Perk Tier Two

Scavenger is a perk that allows you to pick up ammo and grenades from fallen foes. When using Scavenger, small bags of ammunition will appear beside the dead bodies of enemy players.

Hard-Wired is a new one. It kind of works like Assassin Pro, in the sense that it makes you immune to the Counter UAV and Enemy EMPs. Counter UAVs block your radar and EMPs take down all enemy electronics (including your radar).

Another new one. This allows you to flinch less whenever you get shot. This works like the Focus proficiency found in MW3. In case you didn’t already know, taking damage in COD will cause your aim to go off target. Toughness will lessen the effect of it and allow you to finish off your opponent.

Cold Blooded
Looks like all of the stealth perks are being broken up into 3 pieces in order to prevent them from becoming too overpowered. This one makes you immune to Target Finders, Player-controlled killstreaks and Sensor Grenades. In some of the footage, you’ll see that certain futuristic scopes put a red box around enemy players. Cold Blooded will get rid of this effect.

Fast Hands
Fast Hands allows you to use your equipment much more quickly (stun grenades and flash grenades). This works like Quickdraw Pro in MW3. In Black Ops 2, it’ll also allow you to safely throw back a frag grenade.

Perk Tier Three

Engineer works like Sitrep or Hacker. It will allow the player to see enemy equipment through walls etc (it highlights them in red). It’ll also make it possible for the player to booby trap care packages (so that they blow up when enemy players try to capture them) and re-roll care packages to get higher killstreaks.

Extreme Conditioning
Extreme Conditioning gives the player the ability to sprint for much longer distances. This is similar to Marathon, which featured in the previous Treyarch game (it also featured in MW3).

Dead Silence
Dead Silence is similar to Ninja, which has been in many of the previous Call of Duty games. This makes your footsteps silent. Extremely important for game modes such as Search and Destroy, where sound whoring is extremely common.

Dexterity is also a new one. This works like Marathon Pro from MW2. It will allow you to climb over obstacles and climb up ladders at a much faster rate. It’ll also give you the benefit of being able to recover from a melee attack (i.e. a knife attack). Ever knife the air by mistake, only for your character to be stuck in that lengthy animation? Dexterity will allow you to recover from that animation at a faster rate.

Tactical Mask
Tactical Mask reduces the effect of stun grenades, flash grenades and and shock charges. Extremely useful, especially in games such as Dom, where enemy players will toss everything they have at B flag.

The Awareness perk in Black Ops 2 will act like Sitrep Pro in the sense that it will allow the player to hear enemy footsteps much more loudly and much more clearly. Not sure if this will actually counteract Dead Silence or not.