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Black Ops 2 Has Better Multiplayer?

Love or hate Call of Duty, the game is quite relevant and will always fly off shelves. For the haters out there, there is something you should be aware of. The old traditional region-based matchmaking system used in the past is no more. It now works using latency and ping. This was confirmed by David Vonderhaar himself when asked about such things over Twitter.

In other words, this should help with constant host migration and drop-outs. The last think you need is to be going 22-2 and suddenly, host migration happens – but it doesn’t find one. The game is lost, and you never played that match. While the easy solution is of course dedicated servers, Treyarch is at least attempting to make things better.

Still not convinced? Well, remember that COD Elite service? In a nutshell, Elite offered stat tracking for the game + lots more with a paid subscription. Well, the launch was terrible and lots of the features didn’t work until months in. The decision was made to make Elite now completely free for all users. Now for those of you who got Elite to be able to save on DLC content, well, that is still being sold separately.

Even so, Elite has the following to offer:

Player HQ: Stat tracking and ability to modify classes outside of the game itself.
Clan HQ: Exactly what it sounds like. Make/Join clans and compete with others.
Zombies Leaderboards: Stat tracking for the dedicated Zombies mode.
Call of Duty Elite TV: Tips from the game devs, strategies, and pretty much anything to help you bring your “A game” to the battlefield.
Social Integration: You never really know what to expect here, but chances are, expect Facebook sharing and notification updates in relation to things you can do in the game.

One thing is for sure. There is definite effort being put in this time around to make the game more appealing to both casual and competitive players. You can look forward to all of this on November 13th.

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