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Evaluating Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode visuals, gameplay and multiplayer

As we approach the end of October those waiting patiently for next months arrival of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be feeling that the best time to release this game would be during Halloween, making it the ideal situation to bring zombies to our door. Therefore, as we hold on for a few more weeks we thought it would be worth looking at what the zombies’ mode has to offer as far as visuals, gameplay and multiplayer is concerned.

We understand that although this title has a zombie’s mode this isn’t a horror game, but the amount of interest this and the first one has accumulated it would be worth producing an independent Call of Duty zombie title. In an article on they give a premature evaluation of all the aspects of this mode that have come to light, and first up is the visuals. There is a feeling that this part of the game could be improved and the use of the same engine since Modern Warfare may be of concern in regards to the visual aspect.

When it comes to gameplay, they feel the shooting in last game was finely tuned and the difficulty of the zombie mode was ideal, as it was harder to fight, giving it more of a survival feel. So they hope this will be similar in the new game. The multiplayer is the part that many gamers will be focusing on, as the return of the addictive four-player cooperative Survival mode will be welcome news for enthusiasts. A new Grief mode is set to add an element of competition to Black Ops and this will involve two teams of four fighting the undead in a mission to be the only team left, although Treyarch have not given us many details on this, yet.

In other zombie news, G4TV highlight a recent interview with zombies’ mode lead Jimmy Zielinski, as questions were asked about what is to be expected, and how to survive the new modes. The TranZit mode will be story based giving gamers the opportunity to survive an open-world obliterated with hordes of the undead, and the interview gives players some insight into the best way to stay alive throughout this mode. Zielinski mentions that the zombie experience in Black Ops 2 is bigger and more ambitious with three different dimensions of play and the story mode has a massive map with plenty to explore.

This area is all connected by a bus route, which can also be explored in transit or on foot, and some new characters will be encountered, along with some new futuristic weapons to kill them with, although this will involve a strategic approach. The Survival mode is exactly what the title states and main survival areas are adaptations of the locations in Tranzit. Last but not least, Grief is the mode that hasn’t been detailed and this revolves around a last man standing aspect, which will mean whoever is left is part of the winning team, and their are mechanics involved that can divert the attention of zombies on to the opposing team.

Without divulging too much we can see that the three modes have a large amount of gameplay on offer, and continuing with Black Ops 2 our last post mentioned how pre-orders are pippin titles like Halo 4 and Assassins Creed 3 to the top of the charts. Prior to this, we also wrote an article on the Black Ops 2 3DS release rumor that is starting to gain momentum again. Would you like to see a side game like the PS Vita’s Declassified on the 3DS? Or a dedicated zombie version?

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