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Black Ops 2 update on two new features

In recent weeks we have started to see news for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 released on a more regular basis, which isn’t surprising considering the game will be released to the public in a little over two weeks. However, we’re expecting things to move up a gear from now, and having new details on two new features shared with us on Twitter from Game Director David Vonderhaar is proof of just that.

The two new features that have recently been shared are games Emblem Editor and also League Play. The former feature was seen in the original Black Ops, and we’re told that it’s an evolution in regards to the previous version. Not only will there be 32 layers but also you can now customize your colors as well.

While this may be good news, we have to admit that now being able to join games that are already in progress is a much better addition to Black Ops 2. There is more detailed information on this here, but knowing that this new feature will study your performance and determine what decision you will start in will give you an even bigger incentive to hone those skills.

While the campaign mode has always appealed to me the most, seeing these latest features and some recent video footage of multiplayer is certain to sway in how I approach the next game from the Call of Duty franchise. I might have to get in the thick of the action and give multiplayer a go first. However, I’m still not convinced if I will ever get into Zombies Mode.

What’s all the fuss with zombies? I know that Black Ops 2 Zombies will be even bigger and better than it was last time round, but this mode has never appealed to me – I know I will be ridiculed by fans of this mode. For me I have always maintained that Zombies does not fit in with the franchise – although I can still understand the attraction.

The idea of zombies was amazing when the first Resident Evil games was released, but over the years the franchise has lost its way (Resident Evil 6 a prime example) maybe we do need games like Black Ops to keep our love for zombies alive after all?