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Black Ops 2 Multiplayer: Full Technical Breakdown

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2’s multiplayer is arguably more important than its singe-player. The rise in multiplayer popularity has shifted the balance over the last few years and now with Black Ops 2 we’re more concerned with whether or not Treyarch might have nerfed our favourite gun.These are changes that could potentially have a massive impact on how much we enjoy the weeks and months of playing that will no doubt begin as soon as Black Ops 2 is released this November.

With extensive beta testing now coming to an end as Treyarch and Activision apply the finishing touches to Black Ops 2, the testers themselves have taken to Twitter to let the world know just what has changed and what’s stayed the same.

With this in mind we’ve compiled all the latest information on Black Ops 2’s multiplayer changes so that you can get a good idea how things are shaping up.

Here’s a breakdown of everything we know so far…

Knife – Treyarch has altered the way the knives work in Black Ops 2. The range at which it is possible to lunge at your enemies has been greatly reduced meaning you have to be standing very close for the knife to be an affective weapon.

Interactive maps – Along with the new weapons, mechs, drones and everything else, Treyarch is also introducing an element of interactivity to the multiplayer maps. Moving cargo crates or avoiding a speeding train will become the norm in Black Ops 2. It won’t just be rival players you’ll have to worry about.

Sprinting – Sprinting has always scaled to some degree depending on what weapon you’re carrying but now the difference will be really noticed. You’ll be able to sprint longer and harder if all you’re holding is the combat knife, just don’t expect to do much damage if you run into five guys with guns when you get where you’re going.

Zombies – Neither Treyarch or Activision has confirmed this yet, but Black Ops 2’s zombie mode could feature these three hinted at modes. These are: Tranzit, Survival and Grief. Tranzit is an expansive story-based mode. Players take a bus through 5 areas. Survival is zombies’ mode own Horde gametype and Grief is a 4v4 humans vs humans vs zombies. The humans cannot kill each other, but they can mess with each others chances of survival with traps and such.

Crossbow – The crossbow now shoots faster than it did in Black Ops making it a much more viable weapon. It’s be given a 3 shot clip, an ACOG scope, a red dot scope as a well as a thermal scope, too. You can also give it a triple-shot mode making it the perfect choice for one-shot maniacs.

Scavenger Perk – The Scavenger Perk now replenishes all equipment and lethals (grenades and the like). Scavenger packs can only be obtained from non-explosive kills, though.

Scorestreaks – High Scorestreaks (Black Ops 2’s replacement for the Kill Streak) are actually harder to achieve than you’d think. Playing  for your K/D ratio like in previous CODs won’t see you at the top of the leader board. Play for the objective however, and you’ll fair much better.

Recoil – Treyarch is attempting to add in a little more skill to Black Ops 2’s gunplay and has made recoil a big part of this. Having control of your weapon is now much more important, you can spray and pray as much anymore.

Sniping – The same level of skill is being applied to Black Ops 2’s sniping. Sniping un-scoped with the Ballista is possible, but will take a skilful hand that not everyone will be able to achieve. The aim assist for snipers still exists, but it’s still fun.

Spawn points – Treyarch has changed the way Black Ops 2 spawns players into matches. There’s a healthy balance between spawning in quickly and it taking too long. You’ll also never find yourself spawning right in front of someone.

Sensitivity – Black Ops 2’s controls have undergone something of a change with sensitivity now able to scale 1-14. There’s a greater range of choices within the scale meaning that players can customise further allowing for much more comfortable controls.

SMG – Treyarch has reduced the amount of damage SMGs can dish out, but up close, they’re still a lethal choice.

Prestige – If you Prestige Treyarch has confirmed that weapon and challenge progression do not reset.

Combat Training – You’ll be able to play Combat Training in Black Ops 2 and earn multiplayer XP, but you can only do this to level 10.

League play – Treyarch is really pushing Black Ops 2’s League play your League ranking and medals will all appear on your playercard.

Like what you see here? Let us know what changes you would want to make or whether you think this is all a good ideas.