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Black Ops 2 Zombies viral starts with sound

It looks like Treyarch are finally ready to start their Black Ops 2 zombies viral campaign. The developer has just sent out a series of videos, containing some mysterious visual and audio clips that will provide clues to the upcoming adventure when the game releases on November 13.

They do this every year in the build up to zombies – remember the whole GKNOVA6 campaign that kept everyone guessing with Black Ops 1? It is good fun trying to crack the code so to speak and it’s nice to see Activision and Treyarch doing the same thing for Black Ops 2 zombies.

A video has been released to the Call of Duty YouTube channel, titled ‘Power on’. It is obviously related to zombies, but the sounds heard in the clip could be related to a number of possibilities. The first we believe, is that it could be the ‘Power on’ sound when activating the power during a traditional game of zombies.

However, it does also sound like some sort of teleporter being activated as well and you’ll know that teleporters are a big deal in the world of zombies, with the four main characters often teleporting to different places as new maps are released.

Within the last hour, Treyarch has released a second zombie teaser, titled ‘Attack’. This one is more straight forward and is probably one of the new sounds the zombies will make as they come to attack you. Hopefully all of the clips will lead to something bigger, as for the moment – the GKNOVA campaign was more intense than just a couple of sounds.

Take a look at the clips for yourself and let us know your thoughts on them. Any clues as to what is being shown on the TV? Some say it looks like a perk machine in the top right, but we’re unconvinced.