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Black Ops 2 zombie campaign vision

Are you really excited about Black Ops 2 and its new futuristic setting this year? The game is set for release in a few months time and the one aspect of the game that remains a mystery is the elusive zombie mode and its new features.

We know a zombie mode is definitely coming but Treyarch hasn’t confirmed any major details yet, other than the fact that there will be a special zombies Nuketown map for those that pre-order the game early. However, we told you back in March that there was evidence of a secret beta confirming a zombies campaign mode for the game, and new details over the weekend suggest that this may indeed be an official feature at release.

Amazon has again revealed some unannounced details of the game in their Black Ops 2 listing, confirming that zombie mode will be playable in both multiplayer and a campaign. We’ve also discovered that the video embedded in our March report has now been removed by Activision, citing a copyright claim – so it does look very likely that zombies is now going to have a campaign mode.

This opens up a whole new area of possibility for Treyarch to take zombies and we may even see the whole survival format changed, to perhaps passing certain missions, engaging in the storyline a lot more and interacting with environments allowing the player to perhaps go in and out of buildings as they choose.

Imagine an open world environment where your objective is no longer to make it through as many waves as possible, but to locate a possible item or gadget that is located in a building full of infested zombies. If Treyarch has added co-op support for this campaign mode, it could turn out to be a massive success and even more popular than the current survival format that we’re used to seeing.

We can’t wait to see what zombie campaign entails in Black Ops 2, but for now give us your initial ideas on how it could work.