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Wii U Japan Nintendo Direct Details

At 3:00 AM EST, Nintendo of Japan presented a Nintendo Direct Video to detail the price, date and other specifics of the successor to the immensely popular Wii home console.

Japanese Launch:
Sunday, December 8th, 2012.


Basic Premium
8 GB internal storage 32 GB internal storage
Console Console
Console AC Adapter Console AC Adapter
GamePad GamePad
GamePad AC Adapter GamePad AC Adapter
HDMI cable HDMI cable
White Black
Console Stand
GamePad Stand
GamePad Charging Dock


Basic – 26,250 Yen
Premium – 31,500 Yen


Other details:

RAM: 1 GB Main RAM + 1 GB System RAM = 2 GB total RAM.
-Games will have access to the 1 GB of Main RAM while the OS has access to the 1 GB of System RAM.
-This allows you to play a game and run the full web browser, all at 1080p, at the same time.

Game Media: 25 GB per layer.   22.5 GB/s transfer rate.
-Approximately equal to a 5x speed Blu-ray disc.

Power Consumption: Total system power up to 75 watts.
-40 watts for average usage.


Other Prices:
GamePad – 13,440 Yen
Pro Controller – 5,040 Yen
Charge and Play stand – 1,890 Yen
GamePad Stand 315 yen

New Super Mario Bros. U – 5,985 Yen
Nintendo Land – 4,935 Yen


Nintendo Network  Premium:
-10% back on all digital purchases.
-Premium model only
-Valid through December 2014.


Other Information:
-First Mario title to launch with home console since Super Mario 64.
-Latency between Wii U and GamePad is very low.
-All Virtual Console and WiiWare games can be transferred to the Wii U.


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