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Debunking Black Ops 2 leak, no compromise

Leaked footage of a retail build of Black Ops 2 has been pulled from Youtube this week but many sites are still showing what has been confirmed by Activision to be a developmental build. It is viewed to be using developer tools that are designed for testing and this is not from the final game.

Debunking Black Ops 2 leak, no compromise

Without the final retail build being accessed or compromised, this video seems to be doing the rounds and some are suggesting this has come from Xbox Live PartnerNet, although this has not been confirmed yet. Reporting news of the footage seen from a developmental build Fudzilla highlight these Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 suggestions and the confirmation of the leak, and we thought it would be a good idea to mention that Black Ops 2 will be at Eurogamer later this month.

Leaked details and a first look of the Crossbow are also reported on Gameranx, as a video on their site shows off some informative insight into the game along with a glimpse of the highly documented crossbow weapon that hasn’t actually been revealed. The video also looks like it has been pinched from the Black Ops 2′s Gamescom build, and in this, they have dissected some bits and pieces worth mentioning. The crossbow seems to have an ACOG scope for aiming assistance, and looks to be specially redesigned for Black Ops 2 appearing to be equipped with explosive bolts, giving a small delay and flash before it makes the kill.

Judging by David Vonderhaar’s twitter feed, he says “Ok. I guess it’s officially official. I am going to Eurogamer Expo and I’m bringing Black Ops 2 with me”, along with news that fans will be happy with large improvements ideal for both casual and hardcore gamers. In our most recent Black Ops 2 post, we highlighted some multi configurations for fans willing to pay out bit more for two new versions and the most expensive coming with a cool functional quadrotor helicopter. Are you interested in reserving a collector’s edition of the game to be the envy of your friends?